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23rd May 2022

New Operating System Ubuntu

  A short time ago, we have made the new Ubuntu 19.04 OS (replaces Ubuntu 18.10) available on our homepage – and we certainly do not want to withhold this information from you ???? You can combine Ubuntu 19.04 with the Software RAID 1, Webmin, LAMP and Webmin+LAMP. In case you already have your own Linux server at Contabo, you can ...

23rd May 2022

save time with Control Panels

If you have a server (for example one of our VPS, Virtual Dedicated Servers or a Dedicated Server) you might ask yourself “Do I need a control panel like Plesk or cPanel, or not?”.As the answer is not as easy as “YES” or “NO”, we are going to elaborate on why we think using a control panel is beneficial. Direct start If you order ...

23rd May 2022

VPS with NVMe Drives

High-Performance VPS series.VPS will be equipped with powerful Gen 4 NVMe drives, offering 10x the speed Best-in-class Drives Even though our High-Performance VPS with SSD drives are by far your favorite Contabo product, and they excel in several external benchmarks including winning the Best VPS Award in March 2021, it is time to raise the bar ...

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